Benefits of using Individual Packed Blood Glucose Test Strips over Bottle Packed Strips

Did you know? Around 425 million people in the world are suffering from Diabetes. To date, there is no definite cure for the disease so the only way to cope up with it is by regulating your sugar levels. Hence, testing sugar for a diabetic person is extremely important, and accurate readings are necessary. There are numerous ways of testing sugar. Thanks to the advancement in the field of science one no longer have to go to the lab and give his blood sample and then wait for hours for the result. 

Nowadays, it’s generally done with a device called Blood sugar meters that comes with glucometer test strips. Using them is quite easy, all you have to do is attach the strip to the meter, prick the tip of your finger with the needle and touch the strip to the drop of blood. Your reading is displayed within seconds.

When it comes to these test strips, there are a few pros and cons. Many people prefer test strips that are individually packed to those which are packed in a bottle.

Let’s look at the reasons why:

The individual strips are covered with Aluminum desiccant film that helps in maintaining safety and preventing all the strips from getting exposed at once. Here’s an example: Suppose your blood sugar testing kit has around 20 strips and all of them are bottle-packed together. Now, remember these strips shouldn't be exposed too much and when you open the pack for taking out one single strip, the rest of them are exposed too. This may result in degrading the quality of the strips. Now think of these 25 strips packed separately. Only one strip will be opened and exposed at the time of use while others remain safe and packed. Hence, individual blood glucose test strips get the upper hand here.

Speaking of the Aluminium desiccant film, it has a desiccative layer of active adsorption material that helps in enhancing the durability of the strip while storing. Having a tough and stable strip results in better safety and appearance in the packaging. This also restricts the moisture to enter the package. If a bottle of strips is opened multiple times, there’s a huge chance that moisture will enter inside and affect the quality of strips. Having individually packed strips can prevent this from happening. The ideal humidity for the strips should be around 25°C and according to the tests carried out on these individual strips, the aluminum strips can successfully maintain the temperature of 25°C within 2 hours and keep the humidity rate around 10%. 

Apart from these major benefits, individual strips are also convenient to use. You need not carry the entire pack in case you’re traveling. Just the required number of strips on the go. This way, only the required number of strips will be in use. Not only the individual sugar test strips are easy to use, but they are also highly accurate too and can be used up to 18 months from their manufacturing date.