Easy Ways to Improve Your Heart's Health During Pandemic

Times are tough. Since last year when the pandemic hit the world, everyone’s physical and mental health has gone for a toss. Observing the difficulties that the world is going through is making people anxious and worried about themselves. They ask this question to themselves every day: What if this happens to me? This overthinking can lead to high levels of stress which is not suitable for people especially those with heart conditions. So, what’s the solution to this? Taking care of your heart health is a routine that one must follow. And, it becomes the need of the hour during such scenarios. How to begin? By taking simpler steps like measuring your heart rate with a blood pressure meter at home regularly.

Now, let’s look at some easy ways that can help you cope up with your heart health during the pandemic:

1) Keeping the right hygiene measures: First things first, follow a proper hygienic routine without fail. Not only it will keep you safe from germs, but also it’s a healthy habit that should be followed regardless of the pandemic. Wash your hands with soap now and then, sanitize yourself and your objects once you return home from outside, and take a shower every day. According to Harvard Health Publishing, taking a warm water bath every day can cut down the risk of having a stroke by 26%.

2) Follow a healthy diet: The phrase ‘You are what you eat has never been more accurate. During such times, monitoring your diet and your intake is of great importance. Avoid having junk and outside food due to various reasons. Keep your calorie intake in check along with the food portions. If needed, consult your doctor and get a diet chart prepared.

3) Regular walks: For your body to stay healthy, it’s advised to have a 30-60 min walk every day. Now, it’s not advisable to walk outside where you might get in contact with a lot of people. However, places like the backside of your home, empty lanes, etc can be visited. Research by the Australian Heart Foundation shows that People who walk every day have better blood pressure and are at a 35% lesser risk of having a heart attack. 

4) Meditation: One of the best and most effective ways to combat stress and anxiety as well as to keep your heart health in check. Meditation has been a proven habit that helps in lowering the heart rate and blood pressure which can further reduce your risk of heart diseases. The best way to find out is to practice meditation daily and then measure your great rate using a digital blood pressure monitor.

5) Try a productive habit: 1 in 4 people are suffering from anxiety due to the pandemic. Overthinking about the situation would not help. You might as well do something productive that takes your mind off and kills some time for you. From writing a journal to reading books, there are tons of productive hobbies that you can practice while you are staying at home. So, invest in them and keep your heart rate in check.

6) Monitoring your blood pressure: With the help of a digital blood pressure monitor, you can check your blood pressure at regular intervals. For patients with high blood pressure, it’s advisable to check their pressure now and then. So, follow the above steps, check your pressure from time to time and your worries about your heart health can take a back seat. In case of high or low pressure, get in touch with your doctor immediately.