Tips to control your high blood pressure

Before we jump into how you can control high blood pressure, let us find out what it implies. High blood pressure or hypertension refers to excessive pressure in the arteries. The condition arises without any warning signs yet can lead to life-threatening conditions. With a few primary lifestyle interventions, you can control your blood pressure level and avoid facing problems like heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, eye disease, and even cognitive decline.

Knowing your numbers with the help of a digital blood pressure monitor can be the first step. A digital monitor helps you keep an account of your blood pressure level at all times without having to visit the clinic. A digital monitor for blood pressure measurement will help you receive accurate and quick readings. The monitor also indicates irregular heartbeats, if and when it occurs.


Though the following lifestyle changes sound simple, they can be challenging to abide by. It is easy to get distracted from your goal and be derailed by a plate of muffins. The key here, irrespective of your goal, is to stay determined towards a healthier way of life. Here are a few tips to control your blood pressure level:


      1. Lose weight

Losing some extra kilos is by far the most effective method to keep blood pressure under control. This doesn’t mean that you need to undergo a complete transformation. Doctors suggest that losing as little as 4-5 kgs can bring a change in blood pressure levels. Regular exercise and diet can help you achieve this.


       2. Watch what you eat

We seldom read labels and check the ingredients of the food we consume. This leads to overconsumption of certain ingredients, such as dietary sodium, which can be harmful. Food items such as bread & rolls, cold cuts, pizza, poultry, soup & sandwiches contain a high amount of dietary sodium. Experts recommend skipping foods high in total & saturated fat & eating lots of fruits. You can go heavy on whole grains but stay away from processed foods.


       3. Stay pumped

Exercise is one way to lose weight but that shouldn’t be your only goal. Staying pumped doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym and doing workouts. Doing something that you enjoy, such as dancing, cycling, gardening or taking a brisk walk to calm yourself can be a great way to stay fit.


       4. Limit alcohol intake

Drinking too much may lead to increased blood pressure. Practice drinking in proportion to keep blood pressure in control.


       5. Meditate to relieve stress

Meditating isn’t just a great practice for a relaxed mind, it also solves some scientific purposes too. Stress hormones constrict blood vessels which may lead to a temporary spike in blood pressure. Meditation can help reduce stress that can put your cardiovascular health at risk.


Apart from adopting these simple yet useful lifestyle changes, there are a few precautions you ought to take for healthy living. Swearing off cigarettes is the best choice you can make for your heart. This will obviously help lower blood pressure & prolong your life. Another precaution is to never skip your medicines. For some people, lifestyle changes suffice their need to keep blood pressure under control. But for most, medicines are necessary too.

We hope these tips help you plan your goals for a healthier life. For more information on healthcare equipment such as a digital blood pressure monitor, get in touch with us today.