Blood Glucose Monitor Supplier in Mumbai

ARKRAY HEALTHCARE Pvt Ltd is one of the well-known Blood glucose monitor in Mumbai. Our products are made of high-quality material & Accurate. That's why they are highly appreciated in the market. These products, today, have become a necessary requirement because of their capability to help you keep the blood glucose level of your body.

As we are the leading blood glucose monitor supplier in Mumbai, we have a lot of variations in this category like Glucocard 01 mini, Glucocard G+ & Glucocard G+ Link and more. Visit our website to explore our products. We have mentioned details of all the products at our website.

The blood glucose monitor that we make can to measure and display the amount of sugar (glucose) in your blood. This blood glucose monitor can help you keep tabs on your diabetes and lower your risk of complications. Along with treatment, using a blood glucose monitor can help you identify the things that make your blood sugar increase or decrease, from exercise to illness, stress to dehydration, and more.. We make our products taking care of this point in mind. Therefore, we assure our customers that our products can provide exact results. You can use our individually packed strips which is for better safety and stability & can be Use up to 18 months from the date of manufacture. This means that a customer can use for a longer time comparable to competitors blood glucose monitors.. This Blood glucose monitors comes with many benefits, like: 

  • All our blood glucose monitor comes with lifetime warranty.
  • A trusted GOD enzyme is used which can measure true glucose for better accuracy.
  • Requires 0.3µl of blood sample (smallest).
  • Trusted Japanese Technology.

Our blood glucose monitors are also approved by health organizations can assure users that they are using correct device for health monitoring. Going from Diabetes to Diabet-easy is now even easier with ARKRAY's Blood Glucose Monitor. And Monitor easily by seating at home. Incase you are looking for Blood glucose monitoring, Visit our website online..






ARKRAY GLUCOCARD 01-mini GT-1941 Blood Glucose Monitor: 

The GLUCOCARD 01-mini is a SMBG meter which provides sophisticated functions in compact and stylish design.

  • Quick test time - 7seconds
  • Micro sample volume - 0.3µl
  • Automatic Calibration
  • 50 test memory
  • Flag markers (meal, control)

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ARKRAY GLUCOCARD G+ Blood Glucose Monitor:

  • ALL the features of Gluocard G+.
  • In-built Bluetooth to transfer results instantly to the WeCheck Mobile App.
  • Free Mobile App WeCheck for easy data management and sharing (IOS & Android).

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ARKRAY GLUCOCARD G+ Link Bluetooth Blood Glucose Monitor:

You can stay safe about your health by bringing home this Blood Instant glucometer. It delivers accurate results, so you can constantly know what measure to take
. It also comes with easy-edge test strips which can freely absorb the blood from your finger.
Also, thanks to the WeCheck diabetes management app, it can send your test results to your smartphone.

So now no need to give trouble to yourself by manually uploading your results in some third-party apps.

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