7 Ways to Prevent Type 1 Diabetes Complications

Encountering type 1 diabetes states that the body is incapable of generating insulin. Therefore, there are multiple risks like eye, nerve, blood vessel, kidney, foot damage, etc. involved when we discuss the complications of this diabetes. Although it sounds challenging to deal with, the possible solutions that can be implemented to prevent or delay these complications come as a ray of hope. In this article, we shed light on 7 different ways that help in preventing type 1 diabetes complications that may arise in future.


       1. Managing the blood glucose levels: Since the body is incapable of making insulin, it needs to be supplied from external means through doses to maintain the blood sugar level. Arkray’s Glucocard G+, a compact blood glucose monitor; created with advanced Japanese technology can be your aid when it comes to easy and real-time diabetes monitoring. The Glucocard G+ kit consists of test strips with individual packaging that minimizes exposure to humidity, ensuring accurate results and longer shelf life of 18 months. It is equipped with an auto-coding function eliminating the coding errors, ensuring easy, stress-free & accurate self-testing at home. It also has a before/after meal flagging feature that flags results as pre & post-meal reading; an easy comparison reference for user & doctor. All these smart specifications easily make Glucocard G+ the most accurate blood glucose monitor.


       2. Diet Plan: Jot down a strict diet regimen and try your best to adhere to it. Have meals at fixed times and make sure they are in sync with the insulin doses. For type 1 diabetes, it is usually recommended to have meals that are high in fiber, healthful fats, and protein. Try to incorporate foods like fruits and non-starchy vegetables, beans, nuts, berries, fish high in omega-3, and whole grains in your meal plan. Cut down on sodium, added sugar, cholesterol, and unhealthy fats.


       3. Stay in Motion: Exercising regularly and keeping your body in a state of motion is crucial. It helps in lowering the blood pressure and thus, eliminates all the possibilities for risks to develop. However, it is always advisable to have a word regarding which type of exercises to perform as few intense and strenuous workouts tend to have contradictory effects.


       4. Routine checkups: Since type 1 diabetes complications can affect multiple areas including eyes, teeth, kidney feet, etc., it becomes mandatory to sign up for frequent body checkups and stay updated about the occurrence of even minor dysfunctions. Diabetic people are more exposed to the risk of a heart attack. Thus, it is always a good practice to keep a check on blood pressure and cholesterol figures as well and maintain them within the desired range.


       5. Extra care of feet: Nerves present in feet are prone to damage in the scenario of Type 1 diabetes. There are high chances of ulcers, numbness, infections, or weak tissues. Regularly check feet for any marks of spots, numb feeling, blisters, soreness, or cuts and treat them immediately if spotted. Since feet are usually more exposed to dirt, always keep them clean and wear comfortable footwear.


       6. Dental hygiene: Inflammation and infection in gums is a common occurrence while handling the complications of type 1 diabetes. When blood glucose level is high, it is easier for bacteria to find a build-up space inside your mouth impacting gum health. This is where maintaining dental hygiene comes into play. Brush, floss, and rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash regularly. Keep checking for signs of inflammation like redness and bleeding that can be a cause of concern.


       7. Healthy lifestyle habits: Whenever you are making changes, start making them at a fundamental level. Incorporate healthy habits in your daily life. Meditation, yoga, and nature walks can surely help with risk control and stress management. Say goodbye to alcohol and smoking as these addictions only add to the probability of damage.


While other factors are equally important, Arkray’s compact, smart and most accurate blood glucose monitor, Glucocard G+ Kit plays the role of your companion 24*7. It constantly helps regulate blood sugar levels with real-time diabetes monitoring to keep the Type 1 diabetes complications at bay and makes everything seem like a stress-free process.