Essential Ways To Store Your Insulin Safely

Insulin plays a prominent role in controlling blood glucose levels and therefore demands utmost care in order to sustain its safety and efficacy until usage. Few precautions have to be kept in mind while storing the insulin to avoid it from breaking down and proving to be inefficient in lowering blood glucose levels. We list down below the ways to ensure that your insulin is stored safely with the aid of Arkray`s insulin cool pouch or insulin pen case.

  • The most common way to store insulin is to refrigerate it. However, injecting insulin right after taking it out of the refrigerator can get painful at times for an individual. 


  • It is usually not advised to expose insulin to extreme temperatures. Keeping insulin in hot places or under direct sunlight can lead to extreme damage as the breakdown process makes it incompetent for actual usage. Freezer storage does similar harm to insulin as extremely cold temperature reduces its potential, defeating the main purpose. 


  • During such times, Arkray`s Insulin Cool Pouch is your safest bet to store the insulin pen that is currently in use. It is an evaporative cooling unit that has been designed to keep insulin cool within safe temperatures of 18 - 26 degree Celsius for around 45 hours. It is hassle-free and does not require to be stored in the refrigerator. Also, it protects your insulin pen during extreme weather conditions. 


  • Reusability is the major advantage of Arkray`s Insulin Cool Pouch. One has to simply remove the inner wallet from the outer cover and let it dry naturally until the gel recovers to crystal form. Post that, you can use the same insulin cool pouch for storage purpose. 


  • You can also count on the insulin cooling case for its portability. The compact nature gives you the freedom to carry it in your pocket as well. The Cambrelle outer cover ensures that it is constantly in contact with air, further enhancing the stability of the wallet's temperature. That makes it easier to use any time and at any place.


  • The usability makes Arkray`s Insulin Cool Pouch your go-to choice for all your storage woes. It can be easily activated by immersing In the water. Place the inner wallet with the crystals in cold water and let it soak for 5 - 8 minutes. All one has to do is keep a strict check on the immersion time and the amount of water as over-soaking can make the insulin ineffective for usage. The cool pouch comes with the feature of reactivation and provides consistent safe storage conditions for periods of 45 hours for up to 28 days. 


  • Never forget to closely monitor the consistency, colour and clarity of the insulin before every use. Check for any lumps, grains, crystals or cloudiness, and if you come across any changes, disposal is the only way. In addition to this, maintain the record of expiration dates as well.


  • Make it a point to write down the date on your insulin pen on the day you first open it. This will work as a reminder for when to stop using it. A pen or vial only lasts up to 28 days after opening and should not be used longer than that. 

Above mentioned are a few ways in which you can store the insulin to prevent it from getting damaged and ensuring its durability for best results. At times, following the rulebook can get difficult given the nature of the hectic routine. That is when Arkray`s insulin pen case comes to the rescue with its unique features that make the storage of insulin easier than ever.